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Claim up to £70,000 in Gov. grants

Maintain your flat value

Hassle-free resident billing

Futureproof your development

Bill a flat-rate monthly fee per vehicle

£350 grant for every charger installed in your development!

Each EV charging point socket is eligible for a £ 350 grant from the government’s OZEV department for up to 200 sockets per development. The OZEV Grant Landlord Scheme is open to real estate owners, real estate management companies, and public housing. There are also programs for those who live in flats and are renting.


  • The infrastructure to offer charging points for flats is lagging, but from April 2022 there will also be funding of up to £30,000 per apartment block towards the cost of installing charge points, with a limit of 30 applications per year per applicant

Track cost and energy usage

  • Choose the billing policy that best suits your needs

Mount it, forget it, let us take care of the charger

  • Once installed, we can monitor, service, and manage your charger network. Reap the benefits without the operational and maintenance overhead

EV incentives

  • Businesses installing charging points for electric vehicles up to 31 March 2023 can claim 100% First Year Allowance(FYA) for those costs in an accounting year.

Increase your tenants and occupancy

This is where we come in. The government plans to ban the production and sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, it is expected that 6.5m households in the U.K. will be buying a car by then, so people will naturally be attracted to EV charging-ready properties.

Attract established and professional owners and tenants

  • The survey found that 70% of EV owners have a four-year or university degree. If you want to attract well-educated and economically stable individuals and families to flats, EV charging stations can help you attract this demographic

Keep tenants longer

  • Commercial EV charging stations improve cash flow and improve cap rates. All of these are useful if you are planning to refinance your property for future investment

EV station encourages lease renewal

  • Did you know that the most popular place to charge an electric car is at home? Most drivers prefer to plug in at night after work. In addition, adding an EV station will help present a green image that is in line with the tenant’s values. It’s mutually beneficial!
Free Consultation

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Generate Income

You can accept payments from your tenants to charge their Evs. This means that your investment will be immediately rewarded and will benefit you over time. With just £ 12 a day, you can generate about £ 4,300 a year from a single charger.
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Boost revenues with Chargers

  • You set the price and margin you want to earn depending on your development’s location

Bill customers to charge their EVs

  • The owners of these residential chargepoint locations typically set their minimum price for use, with costs to charge ranging between £5 to £15 per session.

Promote charging station amenities

  • Improve tenant satisfaction with this key futureproof amenity to attract more buyers and renters.

Cloud Software and Management Services

Pumpt starts with a central cloud-based platform for managing, monitoring, and operating the charger network. Pumpt software enables the basics of charging and reporting and provides tools and add-on modules to maximise your investment in chargers.

Through our managed services, we can manage, operate and provide support for users, so you can focus on running your business.


  • Manage all your chargers in one back-office system
  • Collect payments directly from drivers
  • Generate new revenues from customers/visitors recharging
  • Manage spacing
  • Have different tariffs for different times and days
  • Charge connection, parking and overstay fee
  • Run promotions to attract and retain customers through EV charging incentives
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