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Claim up to £14,000 in Gov. grants

Attract and retain EV drivers to your car park

Provide multiple user payment options

Futureproof your car park

Increase your customer loyalty

£350 grant for every Carpark charger!

All the chargers we install for you benefit from a £ 350 government grant. All you have to do just is answer some questions, and we handle the rest. You do not need to own or operate an electric vehicle to start installing chargers.


  • Take advantage of the grant and start saving with the installation of EV chargers for your business!

Prepare for the future

  • Charging infrastructure is being addressed by more and more employees and visitors that expect Carparks and workplaces to have EV chargers.

Public sector

  • Grant funding is available for up to 75% of product and installation costs for public sector estates.

Mount it, forget it, let us take care of the charger

  • Once installed, we can monitor, service, and manage your charger network, so you can reap the benefits without the operational and maintenance overhead

Providing convenience to customers and gaining loyalty

The question for parking operators and real estate owners is whether to stay ahead of the trends or lag, as the public has already switched to eco-friendly transportation and adopted electric vehicles. Every year the rate of EVs on the road is more than doubling.

By 2030, all new vehicles sold in the UK will be electric

  • This means that more and more people will need to charge their EVs. This provides ample opportunity for early adopters of charging stations to attract EV drivers to their car parks

Scalable infrastructure

  • Dynamic load balancing system that enables sites to meet growing load demands

Efficient management

  • Use the Pumpt cloud Business platform to manage your EV infrastructure. Reconcile usage receipts and bill customers directly.

Future-proof your car park business and create local tie-ups

  • If your business is within walking distance of malls, shops, restaurants, convention centres, or tourist destinations, you can generate business collaborations by offering EV charging car park facilities.
Free Consultation

No obligation, get all your questions answered, make the best decision for your business.

Generate Income

You can accept payments from your customers to charge their EVs. This means that your investment will be immediately rewarded and will benefit you over time. With just £ 12 a day, you can generate about £ 4,300 a year from a single charger.
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Additional sources of income

  • The UK government recently allowed EV charging station owners to charge EV drivers who want to charge their cars. Using a tariff or charging by KWS

Map your Carpark

  • When companies install EV charging stations, they become part of the public national network. EV drivers can use their mobile devices to find available stations. Being an early adopter and attracting loyal EV drivers is a surefire way to increase your parking revenues

Generate income from Carpark spaces

  • It makes sense for EV drivers to charge their vehicles whilst parked and car park operators to provide extra value to customers whilst generating more revenue for themselves. Many people charge their cars in their garages or driveways, in flats or street homes, but not everyone has easy access to power. Others may have forgotten to charge their car overnight. Customers are willing to pay you a little extra to charge the car while parked.

Cloud Software and Management Services

Pumpt starts with a central cloud-based platform for managing, monitoring, and operating the charger network. Pumpt software enables the basics of charging and reporting and provides tools and add-on modules to maximise your investment in chargers.

Through our managed services, we can manage, operate and provide support for users, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Manage all your chargers in one back-office system
  • Collect payments directly from drivers
  • Generate new revenues from customers/visitors recharging
  • Manage spacing
  • Have different tariffs for different times and days
  • Charge connection, parking and overstay fee
  • Run promotions to attract and retain customers through EV charging incentives
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