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Claim up to £14,000 in Gov. grants

Attract more customers with “higher buying power”

Put your business on the map with EV drivers

Futureproof your business and create local synergies

Boost revenues from increased footfall and EV charging

£350 grant per charger for your business

With businesses, charities and public sector organizations being eligible to get a £350 grant off the cost of up to 40 sockets per applicant. Demand for EV charging stations is so high in most parts of the country that most retail businesses are adding more chargers due seeing increased revenue tied to charger installations.

With Pumpt all you have to do is answer some questions, and we handle the rest.


  • Take advantage of the grant to make chargepoint acquisitions cheaper, futureproof your business and start making money with the installation of EV chargers for your dealership and customers!

Prepare for the future

  • Providing EV charging stations has many advantages for businesses. As you only need to declare a need for EV charging equipment, or an intent to encourage uptake among staff, providing an on-site charger, customers can be educated on charging, moving over to EVs and even charge their old EV/hybrid when coming to look for a new one.

Mount it, forget it, let us take care of the charger

  • Once installed, we can monitor, service, and manage your charger network. Reap the benefits without the operational and maintenance overhead with a secured 3-year warranty.

Put your dealership on the map

  • Thousands of drivers are regularly looking for charge sites and online sites are also highlighting EV charge points to users. Get your business noticed

Advantage of having EV Chargers at your Business

By 2030 it is forecasted there will already be 30 million EVs on UK roads. Forward-thinking businesses need to ensure they can serve EV customers, whether that’s to attract new and loyal customers or simply to provide visitors with an EV charging station and put your business on the map to increase footfall.

Attract and educate new buyers

  • As the popularity of EVs grows day by day, businesses are advised to install an EV charging station in their parking spaces. Customers can pay to use the charging station, learn more about the convenience of consistent charge points and easily see how it all works with a mobile app. Customers can also see how the business’ significant EV investments work and how they can be seamlessly integrated into their everyday life.

Attract affluent customers

  • Public EV charging stations are a way for businesses to attract new customers and high-value customers as a reliable chargepoint. EV drivers are more educated and tend to be wealthier than other drivers. They are more likely to get more money, stay longer, and spend more at the business, allowing your business to advertise your other services.

Ensure Charging accessibility for Staff and Customers

  • No one wants to go anywhere with a half-charged battery or be in an area where they can’t top-up during a break. By installing an on-site EV charging station system, you can provide staff and customers with a superior experience while meeting the service expectations of EV manufacturers.

Educating and encouraging EV buyers

  • Accessible charge points at businesses are the perfect places for residential and commercial customers to see how to integrate electric vehicles into their lives. Having opportunities to charge gives customers the confidence to take note of the places where they can easily top up without the hassle and enjoy the wait. Staff can also rest easy when their workplaces also have available EV chargers so they can top up for the day.


Free Consultation

No obligation, get all your questions answered, make the best decision for your business.

Generate Income

Advanced EV charging solutions at any place of business can attract people who may not come otherwise. By providing a safe and easy-to-find place for current EV owners to charge their EVs on their property, business owners can increase brand awareness and create new sales and service opportunities. Learn More

Become a Destination for EV charging

  • As EVs become more popular, consumers are looking for reliability in charging EVs on the go. The latest charging stations visible from the road can be of interest to those who own or wish to purchase EVs. Businesses interested in getting ahead of the EV market can play their part in expanding the EV infrastructure in the region.

Increased Brand Awareness

  • Drivers considering charging an EV can see a business’ brand when operating the charging station or from a digital interface. The brand’s charging experience can also include surveillance cameras and lighting to give drivers peace of mind when charging at the property when on the road and visiting the area. It can also add a new branding opportunity for sustainability & environmental care for your business.

Automatically earn on EV charging

  • As a manufacturer we provide our business partners with an opportunity to customize their charging services. Passively earn income and recoup acquisition costs by charging customers to use your sockets. Pumpt provides solutions that will enable you to charge your customers for the power they use. You can specify different charging rates and offers to suit your business.
  • With just £ 12 a day, you can generate about £ 4,300 a year from a single charger.

Cloud Software and Management Services

Pumpt comes with a free central cloud-based platform for managing, monitoring, and operating the charger network. This software, accessible from your mobile phone, enables the basics of charging and reporting, and provides tools and add-on modules to maximise your investment in chargers.

Through our managed services, we can monitor, operate and provide support for users, so you can focus on running your business.


  • Manage all your chargers in one back-office system
  • Collect payments directly from staff
  • Generate new revenues from customers/visitors recharging
  • Manage spacing
  • Have different tariffs for different times and days
  • Charge connection, parking and overstay fees
  • Run promotions to attract and retain customers through EV charging incentives
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