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Claim up to £14,000 in Gov. grants

Slash fuel costs for your business and employees

Drastically reduce operating costs

Automatic monitoring of your charger network

Invest in the future of travel

£350 grant for every workplace charger!

All the chargers we install for you benefit from a £ 350 government grant. All you have to do is just answer some questions, and we handle the rest. You do not need to own or operate an electric vehicle to start installing chargers.


  • Take advantage of the grant and start saving with EVs for your business!

Keep Employee Satisfied

  • With a global talent and skill shortage, businesses in every industry need innovative ways to attract and retain talent.

Mount it, forget it, let us take care of the charger

  • Once installed, we can monitor, service, and manage your charger network. Reap the benefits without the operational and maintenance overhead.

EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Your Workplace

The adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating and gaining momentum. Companies that choose to install EV charging stations in the workplace can gain a variety of benefits and clear advantages.

Provide charging benefits to your staff

  • Workplace charging is extremely handy for EV drivers, and employees are becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability. Installing EV chargers increases employees’ loyalty.

Attract employee loyalty and client visits

  • If you find that many of your employees are starting to drive EVs to the workplace, implementing an EV charging station is an easy way to add hassle-free charging for employees and better support client visits.

Better company image

  • Social responsibility has recently become one of the most important success factors for companies by their staff. According to one survey, one-third (33%) of consumers choose to trade with brands that they believe have social or environmental benefits. Revitalizing more environmentally friendly transportation shows all your customers and clients that your company means business.
Free Consultation

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EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Your Workplace

Whilst onsite charging points are ideal for staff with electric vehicles, don’t forget that people from outside your business will be drawn to your premises as well. How many people would turn down that additional footfall? Learn more

Make your company sustainable

  • Investing in EV charging stations and EV infrastructure can make your business sustainable. The transition to electric vehicles will support a sustainable future for everyone, and electric vehicle charging stations will be part of the fast-growing movement of your business. Sustainability increases efficiency and strengthens reputation by providing a platform for achieving better growth and staying ahead of the market.

Attract new employees

  • Employees expect the workplace to be environmentally responsible. EV chargers are reasonably priced, but few companies have them. Most employees will find it an incredibly attractive benefit.

Attracting New Customers

  • Installing an electric vehicle charger in your workplace can attract new customers to your business. Customers choose which company to work with based on many factors, but convenience is one of the most important. When potential clients come to your office to conduct business, they usually arrive in the car park first.

Cloud Software and Management Services

Pumpt starts with a central cloud-based platform for managing, monitoring, and operating the charger network. Pumpt software enables the basics of charging and reporting and provides tools and add-on modules to maximise your investment in chargers.

Through our managed services, we can manage, operate and provide support for users, so you can focus on running your business.


  • Manage all your chargers in one back-office system
  • Collect payments directly from drivers
  • Generate new revenues from customers/visitors recharging
  • Manage spacing
  • Have different tariffs for different times and days
  • Charge connection, parking and overstay fee
  • Run promotions to attract and retain customers through EV charging incentives
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