5 Business Benefits of Commercial EV Chargers

Is your business having a tough time competing with other businesses in your area? If it is, then consider installing an EV charging infrastructure in your place of business to beat your competition.

A customer driving an electric car will stop at the nearest business that provides EV charging when it’s time to charge their vehicle. You want to be on that list so you can attract more potential customers the next time they plan a trip.

Here are 5 business benefits of having a commercial EV charging station:

  1. Provides More Value to Your Customers

According to the Office of National Statistics, 56% of 30 to 49-year-olds and 57% of 16 to 29-year-olds in the UK said they were going to shift to electric vehicles within the next decade. Growing a loyal consumer base from these drivers would be good for your revenue.

By installing a commercial EV charging station outside your business premises, your customers will stay inside your store longer as they charge their vehicles. People can spend more money buying stuff while browsing your store.

A study discovered that customers stay 50 minutes longer within the premises of the business or parking lot while shopping than they were if they’re not charging an electric car. Well, electric vehicle charging stations aren’t just for commercial companies and consumers.

Other business premises can also benefit. Having an EV charging station will attract conscientious, high-profile tenants and employees.

commercial electric vehicle charging station
commercial electric vehicle charging

After talking to people who’ve worked with Fortune 500 businesses, surveyors discovered that at least half of them would switch to electric vehicles once the commercial electric vehicle charging station is installed in the workplace’s parking lot.

These highly educated employees will look for companies that think straight and provide benefits like networked charge points that will enable them to work while charging their vehicles. With networked stations, employees will see when the charging is done, and then transfer their vehicle so the station becomes available to the following user.

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  1. Help Increase Revenue

Should a customer charge outside of your business, you can surely have them charge within your premises. Not only will you be able to enjoy electric car tax benefits but also increase your revenue.

Customers spend £.75 per minute inside the store on average. A major retailer stated that customers who kill time waiting for a charge to finish, spend three times more than the average.

You can increase revenue through incentives like offering customers free access to commercial electric car chargers each time they make a specific purchase.

commercial electric car chargers
electric vehicle charging stations

Encourage a community of EV enthusiasts to stay at your business

A higher fee can be levied on drivers to utilize the charge points. This will cover the operations installation and hardware costs and provide a profitable revenue stream.

This method is generally suited for commercial charging. You get to retain and attract several EV charging customers and allow your charge point to generate profit and pay for itself. This method, though, is more suited for rapid chargers as car owners would want to charge their cars fast.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you won’t be able to attract customers who don’t want to pay extra for charging. This works for businesses that provide a limited choice for their customers on where to charge their cars.

Profit-making models have relatively the same constraints as cost-recovery models, although the former works better if there’s no other alternative for car owners to charge. This could be a disincentive for drivers if the price increases due to several circumstances.

It can also damage your business’s reputation if it is viewed to be exploiting drivers if the price of the tariff is too high.

Tip: Customers are willing to pay for the electricity costs in some instances, like when there’s a limited option for a location to charge, and the need to charge fast.

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  1. Support Renewable Energy Programs

The average CO2 emissions of cars in the UK have risen for the fifth year in a row in 2021. Government figures reveal that transportation makes up 34% of the United Kingdom’s CO2 emissions, and cars represent the majority.

For the United Kingdom to reach net zero by 2050, a widespread cross-industry effort is needed to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. It is crucial to be aware of how businesses can contribute to this initiative.

best commercial ev charging stations
commercial electric car charging stations

Polluted air presents unpleasant health consequences for the planet and our bodies. Any step that businesses and individuals can take to improve air quality will benefit you since it promotes sustainability.

The fact that electric vehicles do not produce emissions means that they are excellent devices for improving air quality. If you install EV chargers for commercial use, you support these green technologies.

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  1. Meet the increasing demands of the EV market

Home EV charging enables drivers to plug into their vehicles every night so they can wake up the next day with a fully charged battery. However, several flats and apartment dwellers depend on public charging stations to charge their electric vehicles, a situation that requires time and patience.

The United Kingdom is determined to reduce greenhouse emissions to 28% by 2035 and achieve Net Zero by 2050. Cars and other transport, in particular, account for the largest source (27%) of emissions.

Transmitting from diesel and petrol cars into electric vehicles, is, therefore, the key to minimizing emissions and reaching net zero. To realize this goal, the UK government is planning to end the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030.

To make this happen, it is crucial to have a competitive and comprehensive EV charging network within the country. The charging network should be used as easily and confidently by car users the way they’d fill up with diesel or petrol.

commercial ev charging station
EV charging for business

If this isn’t the case, and these charging networks are inadequate or do not provide the convenience that people are looking for, it would serve as an obstacle to the shift to electric vehicles.

The trend in which motorists are shifting to electric vehicles; needing the creation of new charging networks shouldn’t be taken for granted. While it’s hard to determine exactly the amount of charging that’s required, reports suggest 280-480,000 chargepoints must be installed by 2030 – which is ten times more than the present number of 25,000.

There’s also a need for an adequate mixture of different charging speeds throughout the United Kingdom. While a lot of electric car owners charge at work, ample range from public charging is crucial to encourage the shift to electric.

Fast charging on longer trips (like in remote areas and on motorways) and on-street charge-points like curbside (to those with no garage or driveway) are especially important. However, ease of access to charging networks remains a challenge in some areas.

For instance, there are only 1,000 on-street chargers outside London compared to the 5,700 streets. Several areas like Yorkshire and Humber still fall very short – just a quarter compared to those in London.

This new sector though is still developing and we hope to experience more developments in the future. Some areas in the sector such as destinations with rapid charging like shopping malls or workplace charging, are doing fairly well, while some parts are getting left behind.

There are greater challenges to roll out charging along motorways, on on-street and in remote locations. Thus, specific interventions are needed to unlock competition and invest more.

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  1. Increase Customer Dwell Time And Build Brand Loyalty

A simple online search will show you that many businesses in your area are providing charging infrastructure services to their customers.

The payback for retailers, retail developers and malls is an increase in customer dwell time – which leads to more spending for every EV driver. Owners and employers of corporate parks can build brand loyalty and provide value to their EV-driving employees.

Electric vehicle chargers can drive traffic to your place of business and distinguish you from your competitors. For customers who own PHEVs or EVs, the benefit of opportunity charging while shopping, playing or conducting business is quite alluring when your competition lacks it – especially to those without immediate access to home charging.

commercial ev chargers 20
commercial electric car charging

While their vehicles charge, customers are more likely to dwell within your place of business, and potentially buy something.

The convenience and pervasiveness of services like prescription filling, photo processing, banking, and other additions in a competitive drug and grocery store is a reflection of the need for customers to get things done in one place.

EV charging plays the same role while creating brand loyalty for businesses, restaurants, parking garages, office buildings, business parks, and recreational facilities.

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The United Kingdom continues to urge the nation to make the shift to electric vehicles. The government aims to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

Today’s buyers are heading more toward the direction of electric vehicles and as the demand for these hi-tech vehicles increases, the need for EV charging services will also increase for businesses who want to offer these services to the public.

Installing charging points for electric vehicles gives strong encouragement to buyers. Having the best commercial EV charging stations in the garage or parking lot gives extra value to the customer and your business.

It also generates interest among customers who want to go electric so they no longer have to make costly trips to the nearest petrol station. All that eclectic car owners have to do is make a convenient stop at the nearest chargepoint or charge at the workplace or home while they do something else.

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