Privacy and Cookies Policy

I. Introduction

Pumpt’s top aim is to keep your data safe and secure while treating it with respect. We strive to treat your information fairly and lawfully at all times. We’re also devoted to being open and honest about our work. This policy outlines how we gather, utilise, transfer, and keep your personal information. We recognize that there is a lot of material here, but you must understand your customer rights. We’ve attempted to make it as simple to use as possible.

II. What we collect (data)

To operate our business and services and/or fulfil our contract with you, we process a variety of personal data. Below is a list of the many types of data we process, as well as the reasons for doing so and our legal basis:

a. Personal data

Name, address, date of birth, and additional contact information like your email address and phone number.

b. Financial information

Payment information and financial conditions as described on any finance applications submitted to us by lenders or brokers.

c. Vulnerability information

Health or disability concerns. Having this information allows us to provide you with the most appropriate services while also ensuring your safety.

d. Device and machine information

When you connect to our website, your smartphone or computer’s IP address may provide us with an approximate location, but it will be no more exact than the city, state, or nation in which you are using your device.

e. Company data

In the case of businesses, information such as the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of your company’s representatives.

III. How we use your data

I. Type of Data

  • Website and Services Usage Data
  • Account and Services Data
  • Publication data
  • Enquiry data
  • Transaction data
  • Notification Data
  • Correspondence Data

II. Purpose and Lawful basis for processing

Any of your data identified in this policy may also be used and disclosed to defend the legal rights of you, us, or any other individual. This is because we have genuine commercial interests in:

In court or through an out-of-court method, create, exercise, or defend legal claims.

To fully safeguard our business against risk, we must obtain or maintain insurance coverage, manage risk, or seek professional guidance.

Comply with any legal requirement to which we are subject or safeguard your or another person’s essential interests.

IV. Who do we share your data with

  • Regulators
  • Pumpt Installers and sub-contractors
  • Product/Manufacturing teams for products that we have installed in your home
  • Finance providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Merchants
  • Other parties you’ve permitted us to share data with, such as family members, energy brokers, solicitors, and debt management firms so that we can meet your needs.
  • Debt collection companies and other organisations help us recover the debt (for example, bailiffs, courts, private investigators, and solicitors).
  • Network Operators can keep you informed about energy supply disruptions and reconnections if there is a loss of supply, an emergency, or an event that will disrupt your energy supply.
  • Organisations are dedicated to the discovery, investigation, and prevention of crime, as well as the enforcement of laws.

V. How do we protect your data

Any personal information we collect, record, or use in any manner, whether on a computer, in hard copy, or in any other format, is safeguarded by our safeguarding systems to guarantee that we comply with our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

VI. Other rights you have

You have the right to withdraw your consent to allow us to process your data at any time by contacting us.

You have the right to ask us to fix any errors, limit or cease processing your data, or delete it. It’s worth remembering that even if you ask us to amend, delete, or cease processing your data, we may not always be able to do so – for example, we may need to preserve records for regulators.

We’ll explain why this is the case.


I. Introduction

A cookie is a text file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) sent by a web server and kept by the browser. Each time the browser requests a page, the identification is transmitted back to the server.

Cookies can be either ‘permanent,’ which means they are stored by the browser until their set expiry date (or until the user erases them), or session,’ which means they expire when the web browser is closed at the end of the session.

Cookies do not normally contain any information that directly identifies a user. Still, the information stored in and obtained through cookies may be linked to personal information that we maintain about you.

II. Why do we use cookies

• To make the site better

Cookies assist us in gaining a better understanding of how our past clients interacted with the site.

With this information, we can continue to enhance Pumpt. Performs better, faster, and more smoothly than ever before when you use it.

• To remember you

Cookies also assist us in remembering who you are, even if you leave the site and return.

This means you won’t have to answer the Find a Boiler questions every time you visit – even if you accidentally close the browser window.

They also display your ads related to the products or services you looked at on our site when you’re on other sites, reminding you about Pumpt. As a result, you may rest assured that you will be able to return without difficulty. Pumpt provides this advertising through Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. If you don’t want to see this type of advertising, please unsubscribe. You may still see our advertising after opting out, but they will no longer be personalised to you.

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