Eco-Friendly and Affordable: Cheapest Electric Car UK

As the UK dashes towards the use of electric cars, we review some of the cheapest cars in the UK. We hope that by the end of this article, we’ll have answered questions like: “What is the price range of an EV?” or “Is it worth the money?“

Of course, we won’t just check out how much they cost, but we will also include the model’s size, range, and engine and add other concerns relevant to your EV search. We’ll rank them based on the published price and check if it’s worth the price tag. 

Here we have ten of the most affordable cars in the country. Note, however, that this list includes prices of brand-new units only. So if you’re thinking of used, dirt-cheap ones, this list might not be for you. 

Bear in mind also that while we’re enumerating the cheapest models out there, EVs are still a bit pricey compared to regular cars. 

(Prices indicated here vary per listing. Consult your car dealer for actual prices)

Number 10: Mini Electric 

Wait!!! A MINI is included? Yes! We are starting this list with a classic. So, no surprises there. 

The MINI Electric is one of the cheapest electric cars you can own. Priced at around £26,145, with some dealers pricing it even lower.

electric cars
Classic electric car

With MINI’s nostalgic look and elegant design, this entry-level electric car is one for the books. It goes 0-60, almost like its petrol counterpart but without emissions.  Battery life lasts about 200km before your next charge at home or in a charging station

Inside, space is still the same. Two people will fit. However, cramming additional passengers at the back would be a challenge. Still, it’s a MINI. You don’t buy it for space. You buy it because it’s a MINI.

Number 9: Peugeot e-208

This one is a keeper. A lot of brands are spreading their love for electric cars. The Peugeot E-208 promises style, comfort, and ease of driving. Coming in at £26,025, this is a sleek electric ride. You’d be sitting in an electric car looking like a star.

Fully charged, the e-208 will last you about 200 km with speeds as high as its petrol counterpart. It takes 30 minutes of rapid charging to regain about 80% battery. So, there is just enough time to grab a coffee or see the latest trend online before heading out again for work or play.

Number 8: Vauxhall Corsa-e

This is a full-sized sedan roaming around on a 50 kWh battery. The Vauxhall Corsa was so successful for this British manufacturer that it transitioned from a petrol version to an electric one. And it landed on our list of cheapest electric cars

electric vehicle
The Vauxhall Corsa-e

The Corsa-e is expected to duplicate the success of its petrol counterpart and is priced at £25,800. With the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030,  the transition is perfect for Vauxhall to bring this electric car version to a whole new level.

Battery life lasts about 209 km and charges around 30 minutes on a rapid charger.

This car comes in three design versions: the entry-level SE NAV, the mid-range SRI NAV-premium and the high-end Elite NAV Premium.

Number 7: Nissan Leaf £ 25,750

The Nissan Leaf looks like a petrol car but drives like a soft kitten.  So, if you’re after the typical “electric car” look, then the Nissan Leaf is not for you. It’s perfect, however, for those who prefer a quieter driving experience. 

Costing almost the same as the Corsa-e, this Nissan EV priced at £25,750  would help turn a new leaf when it comes to driving. 

Under the hood, it is an electric car. Its exterior, though, is a different story. Driving this car would make people think about how an electric car should look.  Nissan made sure that you won’t get caught driving out of style.

The Nissan Leaf

The Leaf would run to about 239 km on its more costly models but charging time takes longer even on rapid charging. The charge time is not a big deal, though, and it’s perfect for a small-sized family–four adults could fit comfortably inside. The Leaf is one of the best lower-priced models of electric vehicles for a family wanting their first EV. 

Number 6: MG 5 EV  £ 25,500

Morris Garage is making a run in this lower-priced electric car category with its own EV series. The MG 5 EV starts at £25,500. The MG 5  is known for its long-range battery life, with higher-end models going for more than 250 km on a single charge. The entry-level to mid-range ones go to about 200 km on a 50 kWh battery and about 150 bhp motor.

MG is known for its excellent design and stunning aesthetics. The MG5 exhibits both! Morris Garages has given this unit a show car styling with an infotainment system and other bells and whistles off their sleeves. 

EV charger
Number 6: MG 5 EV

With a cross-over look and lasting power, long drives in this battery-powered car will relax any tired soul. When the UK fills up the streets with adequate charging stations, driving along the sunset would have a smoother vibe aboard the MG 5. 

Number 5: FIAT 500 £ 21,500

Fiat, the most prominent Italian car manufacturer, is upping its game with the reinvention of the Fiat 500. It is now fully electric, runs to about 277 km on urban driving and is becoming an icon on its own.

We remember the 500 as FIAT’s classic car straight from its origins decades back. They had it face-lifted, made slight adjustments on the interior and chassis and made it run on electricity while maintaining its unique FIAT look.

electric car charger
FIAT 500

We put this retro-goes-electric car at number 5 with its price starting at a little over £21,500.  Some dealers even offer this car at a much lower price on a cash basis with a UK EV subsidy. If you’re going electric, you can never go wrong with this.

Number 4: VW up! £ 21,000

This list won’t be complete without the granddaddy of “efficient cars”, the Volkswagen. 

From the Beetle to their now sexy return in e-up!, VW reminds us why we love this brand in the first place. Their cars are simple yet ergonomically designed and fuel consumption-efficient. All these traits have made Volkswagen a household name since the 1950s. 

electric vehicle chargepoint
VW e-up

The e-up! can go on 256 km on a single charge. Yes, you read that right! Two hundred and fifty-six kilometres on a single charge. That’s about London to Edgemon.

It uses a smaller 36.8 kWh battery and a smaller 82 bhp motor. Now that is efficient! Not to mention cheap at just £21,000.

Number 3: SMART EQ forfour

There are two SMART EQ models on this list, and this would be the first one: the Smartt EQ forfour. The name is very literal. It’s an EV that fits four people. 

Its looks and mobility are what you’d expect from an electric car. It’s as if SMART EQ designs their EVs as the standard everyone else should emulate. Not bad at all!  

The Smart EQ  is small and highly manoeuvrable. It fits excellently and is perfect in urban areas and narrow spots. 

electric vehicle chargepoint

At a price point below £20,000, this four-seater is an efficient and dynamic electric car.  It does have a small battery range that runs only to about 112 kilometres. Then again, the forFour is made to be driven around the city and short distances.

Number 2: Smart EQ ForTwo £ 19,000

This car is the smaller version of the SMART EQ cars on this list. It is a car that has no back seat. Its battery range is capable enough to last you about 100km. Both Smart EQ models have 17.8 kWh and 80BHP motors. So the expectation is a bit tamed on how far your battery can take you. 

electric char charge point
Smart EQ ForTwo

If there was a base model or a starter kit for electric cars, the Fortwo would be it. It’s just built for it. If you’d imagine what an electric vehicle must look like, it would fit the Fortwo, including its dimensions! 

Parking with this one is like snatching a sidewalk-sized space– it’s quick and easy. Driving the fortwo has a trade-off, though. It feels like a toy car. Another upside? When you’re stuck in traffic or your house is on the curb, the fortwo is for you.

Honourable Mentions

Here are a couple more honourable mentions before we proceed with number one. 

These electric cars are worth mentioning because of their value for money. They have some cool stuff that some electric vehicles don’t necessarily have. Plus, they are just prettier to look at, considering the price point. 

Renault ZOE £27,500 

electric vehicle
The Renault ZOE

Well, what else can we say? It’s a Renault, and it’s under 30k. Who wouldn’t be excited about that? On top of that, it’s fully electric. Nothing gets you going like a Zero Emission Car made by this French brand.

electric car
Mazda MX 30

Mazda MX 30 £27,600

It looks like an MX 3, but it’s electric. It also gives you less mileage than some other electric cars at their price point. Despite these, you could expect the same Mazda quality and finesse from this car.

Number 1: SEAT Mii Electric £16,600

The Seat Mii is almost the same as the VW in that it has good battery life and design. It’s a well-rounded EV that is good on an engineering level. 

With its 84 bhp motor and a 50kWh battery,  you can go around 190km before your next charge. This unit is also small enough to go around curbs. 

What We Think

What do you think so far after knowing about these electric vehicles? Which EV are you going for? 

While the upfront costs are relatively low for these cars, we also believe that prices should not be the sole consideration when buying an electric ride. 

It’s also crucial to consider the model’s features versus your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Only then can you say that you got your money’s worth? In other words, the cheapest may not always be the best buy. 

And if you’re ready to switch to electric, we are here to help you!  We specialise in equipping you with the proper EV charging equipment. Contact us, and we’ll assist you with your first EV drive! 


  • Jasmine Cross

    Jasmine Cross is a passionate advocate for sustainable transportation solutions and an avid enthusiast of electric vehicles (EVs). With a background in environmental science and a keen interest in renewable energy technologies, Jasmine brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to the world of EV charging.

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