Go Green: Drive The Most Eco-Friendly Car

With all the buzz about 2022 being the year of electric cars, and new models being showcased at the showrooms, it is only worth our while to review the most eco-friendly car this year. The most eco-friendly car can offer a lot of benefits for you or your business.

So don’t miss this opportunity and check out the most eco-friendly car in 2022.

What is An Environmentally Friendly Car?

An environmentally friendly car can also be called a “green”, “clean” or “eco-friendly” car. They’re cars that expel less environmentally destructive emissions – far less than an equivalent combustion-engine car like those running on diesel, petrol and other similar fuel-based derivatives.

Eco-friendly Car Types

There are several eco-friendly cars that you can buy in 2022.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are the most environmentally friendly car types. They are as their name implies – using single or multiple motors powered by electricity from a fuel cell or battery. 

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are a combination of diesel/petrol engines and electric motors. They’re not as eco-friendly as electric vehicles but they do offer you the choice to use diesel/petrol and can go further in one trip. They can be considered as most eco-friendly cars not electric.

Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrid vehicles contain petrol or diesel engines, although they can be much smaller, and recharge their batteries by plugging into the battery charger.

most eco friendly cars not electric
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Best Tax-Free Cars

Green cars also provide a lot of benefits for business users, since the lower the car’s emissions, the lower the BiK or Benefit-In-Kind tax rate would be. Fully electric cars currently enjoy a 2% BiK rate, and this can save you thousands.

The new Vehicle Excise Duty rules, however, state that a combustion-powered car’s emissions do not affect its yearly road tax rate if registered during or later than April 2017 – this applies to all hybrid models.

Do you want to know about Company Car Tax on Electric Cars?

Choosing The Best Green Car

The best green car for you will depend on several factors. You must figure out how much you’re willing to spend and the kind of driving you will do. If you’re travelling long distances, an electric car may not be the best choice – although batteries continue to provide more range.

Charging times with electric cars are still slower – even with rapid charging, compared to filling in a tank. But if you are driving a vehicle just for a long commute, then an electric car has more than enough range and you can easily charge it at home or the workplace as long as the charging infrastructure is available.

Plug-in hybrids aim to merge the best parts of a conventional and electric car. But it is made in both aspects since you are making sure the battery is charged and ready for use. Otherwise, you will only settle for a conventional petrol engine which is not very efficient on its own when powering a car that is heavier than usual. You will need an electric running gear and battery.

Top 10 Most Eco-Friendly Cars 2022

In this section, we’ve listed our top 10 choices for the most eco-friendly cars – take note that they aren’t necessarily the most efficient varieties in the market, but rather those that are great for buying at the moment.

  1. Volkswagen ID.3
best eco friendly cars 2023
Volkswagen ID.3

The battery electric Volkswagen ID.3 is a C-segment or small family car built by Volkswagen in 2019. Its first production shows the first vehicle model of the ID series using the MEB platform.

In January 2021, What Car Magazine awarded the Volkswagen ID.3 as the Small Electric Car of the Year. What Car? Gave the ID.3 Pro five out of five stars in its review.

Due to its ingenious design, the ID.3 Pro offers adequate space for drivers, passengers, and luggage. With a range of 217 to 263 miles – as specified – the ID.3 is a great example of how an electric car can be useful for family and work use. It is well-suited for business.

The technology is complete – if not as complex as several Tesla models – with rear and front parking sensors, LED lights, climate control, keyless start, touch screen infotainment system, and head front seats. This car has met the standard throughout the range.

  1. Fiat 500
most eco friendly petrol car uk
Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a four-set, rear-engined, small city car manufactured and sold by Fiat Automobiles between 1957 to 1975 in one generation in a two-door wagon and two-door station salon body styles.

Despite its small size, the 500 has proven to be quite an efficient vehicle, getting a lot of sales in Europe. Aside from being the two-door coupe, it’s also known as the “Giardiniera” estate. The variant features a standard engine set at the side, with the wheelbase lengthened by 10 cm to offer extra convenience at the rear seat. It also has larger brakes and a full-length sunroof from the Flat 600.

Last 2008, the 500 became the brand’s highest-selling car for some time, and by 2021, the new 500 became the first Fiat electric car that went on sale. Though a bit bigger than its departing predecessor, the latest 500 still performs brilliantly for a city car – very much that it was named City Car of the Year.

There are a couple of battery choices – 24kWh ‘City Range’ that has 115 miles of range or upgraded 42kWh ‘Long Range’ that increases the range to 199 miles. With four trim levels available, customization remains a huge factor.

With the government’s plug-in car grant, pricing begins at £22,235 for ‘Action’ base models, although it can only be available using a smaller 94bhp motor. If you’re looking for a bigger one that’s 117bhp, you’ll have to go for the higher-spec trims.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq 5
most eco friendly suv
Hyundai Ioniq 5

Produced by Hyundai, the Ioniq 5 is a battery-electric crossover SUV. It’s the first unit to be sold as an electric car Ioniq sub-brand, while the first model was manufactured on the Hyundai E-GMP or Electric Global Modular Platform. It was revealed to the world globally on February 23, 2021.

The car comes with battery capacities of 58 kWh or 72.6 kWh, while North American versions only come with batteries of 58 kWh or 77.4 kWh. Each Ioniq 5 can go to top speeds of 115 mph or 185 km/h.

The battery recharges 86 km or 53 miles of range within 5 mins, and 18 minutes from 10% to 80%, or 375 km in half an hour due to its 800 V charging capacity while using a 359 kW charge point.

The mid-range setup is ideal if you’re looking for range, while the 73kWh battery boosts the range to 280 miles and increases power. If you’re looking for performance, the top-of-the-line Ioniq 5 has another motor to generate 301bhp or 605Nm of torque.

The range may be reduced to 257 miles but it only takes a mere 5.2 seconds to reach from 0-62mph. All these are more are what makes the Ioniq 5 an impressive vehicle that was awarded the Car of the Year in 2021.

  1. MG5 EV
best low emission cars

If you want a simpler approach to electric motoring, the MG5 EV could be the best option. Instead of cramming a vehicle full of whistles and bells, MG has manufactured an easy, sleek, and affordable estate car.

Continuing to promote simplicity, the car only has a couple of trim levels: Exclusive and Excite. All cars have smartphone connectivity, DAB radio and satellite navigation, while the trim adds posher touches like keyless go and leather upholstery.

As an estate, there is plenty of space, with a 464-litre boot and much room for rear and front passengers. Pricing begins at just £27,945 with a PiCG grant, meaning that the MG5 undermine several rivals – a lot of them being smaller and less efficient. 

Although the cost-cutting can be found in several selected materials, MG is confident of the 5’s resilience since it has a 70-year/80,000-mile warranty, which is second to Kia’s 70-year/100,000-mile coverage.

  1. Audi Q4 e-Tron
most eco friendly cars not electric
Audi Q4 e-Tron

Produced by Audi, the Q4 e-Tron is a luxury batter electric crossover SUV and is considered one of the most eco-friendly SUVs. It’s derived from Volkswagen Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric platform – the fourth electric model in the Audi E-Tron series, next to the Audi e-Tron, Q2L e-Tron, and e-Tron GT.

This electric SUV is among the few latest models produced by Audi under e-Tron and is presently the most affordable. But just because it’s the most affordable doesn’t mean the Q4 has less quality since it offers a lot of technology and luxury – plus Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. You have the LED headlights option featuring four lighting models that lend the daytime lights.

This car isn’t just pretty, since the Q4 e-Tron contains power and range that matches the premium appearance. The vehicle’s range will depend on your battery setup choice, although even smaller 52kWh units can reach 200 miles, and even increase up to 300 miles with a top 74kWh battery. Both will prove quite reassuring for longer journeys.

Audi stated that it’s using solely “eco-electricity” in the manufacture of Q4 e-Tron for the US in Zwickau and Europe while demanding the same thing from the suppliers. Audi also markets the Q4 e-Tron as a “net-zero carbon emissions” vehicle sent to American and European customers.

The “Puls” and “Dinamica” microfibre fabric interior choices are made of 45 – 50% recyclable materials.

  1. Toyota Yaris
best eco friendly cars 2023
Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact/supermini car manufactured by Toyota, replacing the Tercei and Starlet. Electricity may be becoming the main green fuel for more people, but petrol isn’t out of the race yet. There are most eco friendly petrol car uk.

Toyota, a pioneer of hybrid technology and now provides it through most of its range, including the Yaris. The Yaris is going through several looks since launching in 1999, although some things never change – its reputation is a solid, reliable and affordable hatchback.

The new Yaris offers a lot of technology for comfort and economy in small and sporty packages – although to get the complete sporty Yaris experience, you may want to consider the amazing Yaris instead.

The new car is a bit more compact in dimensions than its predecessors, although it can still provide decent comfort to four passengers. The Yaris’ most distinguishing feature, though, is its green credentials.

With a fuel economy of more than 60mpg and CO2 emissions below 100g/km, the latest Yaris is among the cleanest fuel-burning cars on the market.

  1. Mercedes C 300 e
Mercedes C 300 e

Plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) are considered a stepping stone towards going fully electric and make good sense for business and private owners – especially if the all-electric range is 62 miles as claimed by the Mercedes C 300 e.

It might be seen as a stepping stone to full electric, but plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) can make good sense for private and business owners alike – especially when the all-electric range is the 62 miles claimed for the Mercedes C 300 e.

That is twice the expected distance from most of its rivals, thanks to its 25.4kWh battery. This resulted in efficiency figures of 14g/km and 404mpg for significant cost savings, as long as you can frequently charge the battery.

And unlike PHEVs, the battery bears fast charging of up to 55kW, such that you can immediately go back to the road using electricity. There is a 2.0-litre petrol engine along with a 127bhp electric motor.

Once the battery is empty, the C 300 e will operate as a hybrid, sending energy towards the battery with regenerative braking.

  1. Tesla Model 3
most eco friendly petrol car uk
Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 is an executive sedan. The basic Model 3 provides an EPA-rated 272 miles or 438 km of all-electric range, while the Long Range version provides 358 miles or 576 km. Tesla stated that the Model 3 brings complete self-driving hardware, with software updates that periodically add functionality.

The Model 3 was being manufactured as a more affordable model than previous Tesla models for more drivers. The Model 3 has been the best-selling electric car in history since 2020 and became the first electric car to surpass 1 million global sales in June 2021.

It may be the most affordable Tesla that’s presently available in the UK market, but the Model 3 has just as much excitement and brilliance as the Model X and Model S. An endless set of technology that ranges from whoopee cushion to supercar acceleration, autopilot, and a spectacular range make the Model 3 a great option for buyers in spite of the intense competition.

With starting prices at £40,000, the Model 3 has a good premium price and doesn’t gain from the government’s plug-in car grant. But you will gain access to the ever-expanding Tesla Supercharger network.

You’ll also acquire a green car that seats 4 passengers and boosts space for the luggage while having a claimed range of 305-360 miles depending on your preferred specifications.

  1. Renault Zoe
most eco friendly suv
Renault Zoe

Something of a pioneer, the Renault Zoe was among the first popular electric cars that concentrated on sensibility, relativity and affordability. Almost a decade after it was first introduced in the market in 2022, the Zoe is still strong and has made major upgrades to keep up with the intense competition.

The range is among the best and most significant improvements from the new updates, claiming 245 miles in between charges. This was accomplished by using a 52kWh battery that takes 9 hours to fully charge with a 7.4kw home charger.

Fast DC charging can also be done but is a £1,000 investment that’s only accessible on higher-specifications i GT Line and i Iconic cars. With the upgraded range, Zoe’s similarity to combustion-powered vehicles when it comes to driving experience along with a starting price range of  £27,595 makes the Renault a great choice for beginner electric car buyers.

  1. MINI Electric
best low emission cars
MINI Electric

The Mini Electric or Mini Cooper SE (in markets outside the UK), is a battery electric derivative of the 3rd generation Mini Hatch launched in 2020. In 2021, the UK Magazine CAR stated that the ride was firm because of the splendid fusses and mini fidgets that tug lumpily during hefty acceleration. 

There’s a dead spot at the straight and narrow which makes the Mini Electric quite indistinguishable from its combustion-engine derivatives. You’ll acquire more range for the same price and a similar range for less, which makes the car very interesting compared to its competitors.

Now let’s address the main issue: the MINI Electric generally has a range of just 145 miles. But if you’re usually driving less than that every day, it is still a fantastic option. An 181bhp electric motor that has 270Nm provides a fast 7.3 second from 0-62mph, and this is one electric vehicle that can make you smile on the B-road.

There is enjoyable pointy steering within a petrol MINI, while the brake generation helps minimize some of the speed into the corners without your having to hit the brakes. The quality within the cabin is splendid, with a lot of standard kits. But you must be able to settle for cramped rear seats with a small 211-litre boot.

If you want to travel farther, the MINI Electric can do rapid charging at 50kW, such that a meal break at a restaurant with a charging station can recharge 80% of your car in just half an hour. A 7kW wall box can fully recharge the battery in just three hours, aided by its 32.6kWh capacity.

5 Things To Look For In An Eco-Friendly Car

Everyone knows the increasing concern for different types of pollution that affect the environment. People have taken major steps towards helping the environment amid the chaos. Even experts are looking for several ways to lessen the negative impact of vehicles on the environment.

Each industry has devised eco-friendly products and methods to support this effort. This includes the leasing and renting part of the automobile industry. Go Green Leasing facilities today enable you to rent green cars at affordable rates.

For newbies, it is crucial to know the different features of the best low-emission cars to make the right buying decision. Let’s look at some of the most crucial features that an eco-friendly car should possess.

  1. Lightweight cars derived from recycled materials

As the standard of living continues to increase, it has become a challenge for people to keep up with the daily expenses and bills. Car owners have the additional responsibility to pay for maintenance and petrol costs. 

Eco-friendly cars were designed to provide you with better mileage so you can save more money on petrol expenses.

  1. Reliable passenger safety features

Deaths caused by road accidents are becoming more prevalent worldwide. That’s why car manufacturers have devised reliable safety features for cars today. The goal is to save lives and reduce costs incurred by accidents. 

These safety features are various and include not just the standard seatbelt. Some of these automobiles have advanced sensors that constantly monitor the driver’s health status while driving.

  1. Comfort And Style

While it is crucial to choose the right eco-friendly vehicle, it’s also important to ensure that you’re comfortable using the car. That’s why car-leasing companies pay close attention to making sure they have several options in terms of comfort and style for the customer to choose from.

eco friendly cars for sale
parking lot with eco-friendly vehicles

Pros and Cons Of Buying An Eco-Friendly Car

Deciding whether or not your next vehicle must be eco-friendly is a huge decision. To address this issue, here are some of the pros and cons of buying an eco-friendly car.


  • Low annual tax bills
  • Less dependent on fossil fuels
  • Has better value
  • Easier to park


  • High maintenance costs
  • Less power
  • High voltage batteries


An eco-friendly car may have a long list of features, but the ones we’ve mentioned here are the major factors to consider. The concept of going green doesn’t mean that you settle for less just because you’re considering eco-friendly automobiles. You should be more discreet.

Low, zero-emission or ‘green’ cars are not just good for the environment – they’re also better for your finances. If you’re going to use cars that are designed for low CO2 emissions, you get the potential to consume much less fuel and attract more customers.

Should you opt for a fully-electric, zero-emission car, you can also qualify for a free Vehicle Excise Duty or road tax. Whatever your choice is, make sure it’s among the best low-emission cars in 2022.


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