How To Become an OLEV Improved Installer

Any licensed electrician can lawfully install a home charging station provided they have the hardware’s appropriate skills and professional accreditation. Many manufacturers and firms are giving additional training, expressly with EV charger installation in mind. 

If you are a professional EV electrician in the UK and you want to be OZEV-certified and get into the installation of home or commercial chargers, here’s the article for you. 

The Office for Low Emission Cars (OLEV) is the government entity in charge of administering incentives for the use of electric and hybrid vehicles. The office was renamed Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) in 2020 to broaden its mandate to hasten the Zero Emission 2030 target rollout.

OZEV is also the office that offers the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and the Workplace Charger Scheme (WCS). These are given to homeowners who wish for EV charging points in their homes and businesses need charging stations. 

The EVHS eventually reformed to the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant in April 2022 and the WCS had some updates as well.

What Is The EVHS/Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant?

olev approved installer registration
EV charger installation at home

Up until March 2022, OZEV gave up to 75% subsidy (capped at £350) to UK homeowners in need of home chargepoints. This was detailed in the old EVHS. 

However, the funding has since shifted focus following a newer version.  

By April 1st, 2022, the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant replaced the EVHS. Grant recipients exclude homeowners in single-unit properties. 

The government understood the need to speed up the creation of charging stations. It saw the gaps in other sectors and focused the subsidies on residents of flats and rental properties, landlords and housing associations, and apartment block owners.

It is the installer’s obligation under the grant guidance to apply for grant funds, on behalf of the customer.

How To Be A Certified OZEV Installer

Given the UK’s booming electric car sector, becoming a licenced OZEV installation can open up new and exciting business options for electrical contractors. Being a licenced technician gives you the exclusive right to install chargers in homes or in workplaces. 

Only authorised installers may apply for these awards on behalf of the applicant, which must be done using the OZEV online form. Be aware of the OLEV approved installer registration.

While any licenced electrician may install EV charging equipment, you’ll need specific training, credentials, and paperwork if you want to become a specialised olev certified installer and be OZEV-certified to install equipment under one of their grant programmes.

The following training and certifications need to be done to be a licenced OZEV installer.

  • Proof of membership with a government-approved competent person scheme 

The Competent Person Scheme is a list of approved professionals by the government. In this case, an electrician. It is the basic requirement for any professional handling electrical needs in homes and offices. All approved EV technicians and OZEV approved installers are also on this list. Without a membership proving that you are a competent person, you would not be able to get a license to install chargers.  You can search for a qualified person scheme for electricians on this site

olev accredited installers
EV charger installed on the wall at home
  • Proof that you have been trained and certified to install vehicle charge points

You must complete a two-step process to install chargers and claim grant awards on behalf of your clients. You must become a manufacturer-approved installer.

Once accepted, you will be given a certificate that will allow you to register OZEV as an approved installation. Installing charge stations under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) or Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is now possible (WCS).

Manufacturers give an additional certificate to OLEV accredited installers proving that the installer or installation company is an approved installer of the charging unit. 

  • Proof of your public liability insurance

A certificate of liability insurance (COI) is a straightforward document your insurance provider gives. It specifies the categories of coverage, the issuing insurance company, your policy number, the named insured, the effective dates of the policy, and the types and monetary amounts of limitations and deductibles.

This is also a requirement for representatives of EV charger installation companies.

Once everything has been submitted and validated, you will be added to the list of OZEV-certified installers. Then you will be able to claim the grant on behalf of your clients. A complete guide is available online to become an OZEV authorised installer or representative.

To Become An OZEV-authorised Installer, you provide the following information:

  • name of company
  • Company’s location (main office if multiple offices)
  • Address in the UK
  • banking details (bank name, account number, location)
  • Name and number registered under the Competent Person Scheme
  • email address and phone number – for contact by OZEV and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
  • Approved Installer List required information 

You can apply online through the DfT’s installer application site while providing all the required information. Failure to complete the requirements means your application may not be processed.

OZEV will process applications and notify you through email whether your application was successful.

Only OZEV-accredited installations can claim the EVHS or WCS grant. 

Being An EV Charger Installation Specialist

You become a specialist and not just a general electrician with the certification. With this specialisation, you can now ride the wave of spiking EV sales for the next decade.

It is projected that in the UK alone, there will be 32 million EVs by 2030. The UK currently has one of the largest EV charger networks globally. It also plans to develop more schemes to accommodate the growing demand. 

What does this mean for you as a certified installer?

As a specialist, you now have a lot of income potential in your hands. As more and more EV chargers are installed, you can now: 

  • Profit from a sector that is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years.

Electric vehicles (EVs) – and the charging points they inevitably require – are providing new areas of opportunity for the electrically minded seeking a viable new source of income as relative beginners to this business.

  • Increase your business’s offering to create more chances.

It’s a fantastic moment to get certified in this exciting, fast-growing field since statistics show that OZEV installers will be in high demand. Having this new talent in your arsenal is a definite way to future-proof your earning potential.

  • Skills growth potential

As the demand is increasing, so is technology. Electric vehicles are continually evolving, and manufacturers are continuously developing new ways to optimise energy from the batteries in their EVs. It means more skills to learn and new ways to specialise in.

Certification is critical in this industry. The earlier you are to be certified the faster your path to EV installation success. If you are in the electrical industry, or are thinking of a long-term career in EV, have yourself trained and certified. 

The government is bullish on its Road to Zero emissions campaign. As a professional electrician, being certified is practical and highly encouraged. 

The growth of charger installations and EV sales is not going away soon. As the government pushes for more electric cars on the road, so does the need for more installers. 

Get trained. Get certified. Get customers. 

To know more about electric vehicles, EV certifications, and other information about the UK’s grand 2030 goal, just visit our website. We have a complete list of all things EV. for you. Be informed on how to become an OLEV approved installer.

And for safe, government-approved EV charger installations, don’t hesitate to contact us


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